Bakkie Bike Cinema is a cinema built on top of an antique cargo bicycle. The only cargo bicycle cinema in Holland. While the viewers inside get comfortable for a piece of film culture, the usherettes perform their best show for the waiting audience outside. Bakkie Bike Cinema is not just about watching a movie, it is a show from the line at the front door until The End. And we are working on a new show! PLastorama is almost ready! Read all about it by clicking on the button at the top of the page.
4 table ballet
About Bakkie Bike Cinema   Bakkie Bike Cinema is all about the mixing of film, theatre and old bicycles. We like the awkwardness of this mix and we feel that our shows are unique in this sense. Bakkie Bike Cinema Our Bicycle Cinema with the same name, Bakkie Bike Cinema, is our first show. While two persons can enter the cinema, the two feisty usherettes perform their own vaudeville interval programm at the front door, to entertain the audience.. Our cinema is mobile so we basically can go anywhere. Not to be missed! Plastorama Our new show is a huge mountain of 3000 plastic bags with a bicycle buried underneath.. 8 persons can stick their heads in the mountain at the same time. Inside a small red dancing plastic bag is stealing the show in a 5-D experience. Outside, a rather eccentric plastic bag lady does the same.
2018 3 February Bussiness event Veldhoven - Bakkie Bike Cinema 18/19 February Strtfstvl Maarssen - Bakkie Bike Cinema 27 April - Bredeweg Festival Amsterdam - Plastorama 16 June Mystic Garden Festival - Bakkie Bike Cinema 19-22 June Oerol Terschelling - Plastorama 28 July Retro sus mer Wenduine BE -Bakkie Bike Cinema (option) 1-2 September Den Helder Festival Willemsoord -Bakkie Bike Cinema 22 September - Plastorama (option) 20-27 October De Betovering / Feest aan zee Den Haag- Plastorama 21 December-Bakkie Bike Cinema (option)
Bakkie Bike Cinema performed on: Gevleugelde Stad Ieper, Rochefort fait son Cinema, Zwarte Cross, Henley Festival, Street(art)animation, Onderstroom, Boulevard,, Mysteryland, Leids Film Festival and many other festivals 
Bakkie Bike Cinema Yvonne van den Akker 0031 6 11198150 Want to book us? Click here for information
You saw our introductory film that we show before every film we play in our cinema. Bakkie Bike Cinema produces her own films for our cinema, fitting to the total experience. We won’t show our films here. For that you need to be invited inside our cinema. Festivals and events can also bring in their own films. All of the films are between 1-2 minutes long..
  PLASTORAMA is the new show It starts touring in 2018! 8 persons stick their heads into a huge mountain of plastic bags. They are taken on a journey of a small red dancing plastic bag,. it is a 5-D experience of film projected onto plastic bags, Wind blowing in their faces,  The moist smell of the ocean and a breathing wall of plastic bags. It is an ode to the dying plastic bag, a small and insignificent thing that is usually not seen. And for once is put under the spotlights.